High-rise Blood

A Detective Inspector Carter novel

There's a dark underbelly to the coffee capital of Australia

Underneath the bright lights and clean streets of Melbourne, crime and corruption run wild. Detective Inspector Leo Carter knows it well. Returning from leave his first assignment is leading the murder investigation of an unidentified body dumped outside a gay sauna.

At first Carter thinks the case is a hate crime gone too far. When the bodies pile up and the list of suspects grows, Carter knows there’s more to this mystery than a gay bashing gone wrong.

But the investigation takes its toll on gay man Carter...

He’s trying to find purpose and love but won’t find them at the bottom of empty bottles and the overly positive ka-ching of the slot machine. As the pressure builds to find the killers, his vices threaten to bring him and the case down.

Welcome to Melbourne, Carter is going to give you the full tour. Where laneway graffiti and smashed avocado are just the start.